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Broken Top Club Introduces Private Label Craft Beer

With more than 30 breweries in just under 35 square miles — and home of the Bend Ale Trail and annual Bend Beer Fest — the small city of Bend, Oregon, has a reputation for good beer. Crafted, brewed, and consumed by residents and visitors of the once-sleepy Central Oregon city, beer is and has been part of the local culture for some time, whether you drink it or not.

Founded by current Broken Top Club member Gary Fish in 1988, Deschutes Brewery & Public House was the first of many brewpubs in the area, named after the iconic Deschutes River that flows through town.

Bend is also the promised land for recreation buffs. From scenic golf and winter snow sports to horseback riding, hiking, fishing, and gravel cycling (a form of mountain biking, but on unpaved trailways), the best way to take in Bend is with earth under your feet. 

At Broken Top Club, outdoor adventure, an Oregon energy, and craft beer unite. Some members are even rumored to undertake a trifecta that includes skiing at nearby Mt. Bachelor, flyfishing in the lake, and playing nine at Broken Top Club … all in one day. The key to a well-executed trifecta: rewarding your effort with a pint or can of a hometown brew. 

“Anytime we do a big hike or snowshoe, we always make sure we have a beer in our pack,” said Bevan Nicolaisen, Bend local and member relations manager at Broken Top Club. “You drink a beer at the top of the mountain and take a photo. It’s a thing we do.”  

It’s no wonder, then, that Broken Top Blonde Birdie was created. Locally crafted and brewed by Bend Brewing Company, the easy-drinking golden ale was launched exclusively at Broken Top Club last summer. An idea first fermented by Nicolaisen, who started his tenure as assistant golf professional, Broken Top Club’s private label beer is a collaboration with the second oldest brewery in town. 

“The club is in the heart of Bend; the setting is understated and filled with ponderosa pines, and it’s on the doorstep of recreation and all the best restaurants,” said Packy Deenihan, club member and co-owner of Bend Brewing Company. “It’s a great course, it embodies the culture of Bend; the membership is really friendly and relaxed.”

A Blonde Birdie Release Party officially launched the beer to the club community, with a social event on the Broken Top patio that featured barbecue fare and a live band. Designed to be a refreshing companion to the game of golf, Blonde Birdie is served in cans at the Golf House on the course and on tap in the clubhouse bar.

The original grand opening of Broken Top Club’s golf course was held on July 4, 1993, making this year one worth celebrating. In honor of its 30th anniversary, the club is offering new member perks and member festivities throughout the year. “Looking ahead, our focus is on raising awareness of the club and the unique experiences we offer. We believe that the Blonde Birdie launch is a great way to achieve this goal. Not only is it a really fun thing to be a part of, but it also showcases the exceptional quality and luxury that our club is known for.”

“You live in this area, in the Northwest, because you want to live a really good life,” said Josh Clay, the club’s general manager who recently relocated to the area. “At Broken Top Club, there are many people who could likely live anywhere in the world, and yet they choose here.” 

So, birdies or beer? At Broken Top Club in Bend, Oregon, how ‘bout both?