November/December 2016 Issue Cover Story Swinging in the Sun—When is too much of a good thing still a good thing? When it comes to golf in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tucson. The abundance of courses range from the famous to under-the-radar layouts, and from bucket list to very affordable. Here's a sampling of the very best options for your next tee time in the Valley of the Sun. Yoga for Golfers: Power Surge—Did you know that 3D motion capture has proven that the majority of power generated in the golf swing is a result of good lower body mechanics? And that many swing faults, such as coming over the top or casting, are a byproduct of poor lower body mechanics? Here's some help via yoga. Equipment: Head Turners—What is it about drivers that seduces golfers so much? The distance they can generate, of course. Everyone wants to hit the long ball in their foursome. Accuracy is nice, too. Here are the latest driver models that come with the promise of long-and-straight drives. You know, the kind that turn heads. Spotlight: Florida's Sweet Spot—Nearly 20 years after The Great White Shark took his first bite out of the Naples golf market, Tiburón's 36-holes remain as tantalizing as ever. With Norman's recent "remastering" of the Gold Course, and more design enhancements slated for the Black Course in 2017, Tiburón is on top of its game.