September/October 2015 Issue Cover Story The California Collection—Troon's offerings in the Golden State truly represent the best of the best. From the desert to the sea, the inland valleys to the famed Napa Valley Wine Country, golfers will be thrilled to discover or revisit any and all of the nine facilities that are collectively and proudly known as the California Collection. Destinations: The French Connection—Just an hour south of Paris, in the heart of some stunning and quite unspoiled countryside, Château d'Augerville delights visitors with its first-rate restaurant and extremely scenic golf course. There's no better place to indulge in your love of golf and chocolate! Equipment: Anchors Away—Come New Year's Day 2016, the USGA ban on anchoring a putter against your body will take effect, and golfers who currently employ the practice will need to change. But rest assured ... putter manufacturers are coming to the rescue. Profile: Career Mulligans—For those who work in the golf industry, it goes without saying that they have a strong allegiance to the game. For many, the sport was love at first sight. Others needed a "mulligan" before securing jobs in the golf industry.