Troon Sips

Just Peachy

A year after it arrived in market, Molson Coors’ Simply Spiked™ franchise has been an undeniable hit in the U.S., a phenomenon the beverage company’s leadership has called a “rocket ship to the moon.” Simply Spiked Lemonade led the way and was followed by the launch of Simply Spiked Peach in the U.S. last March. In its short time on the market, Simply Spiked Peach has won over consumers and established itself as the top innovation in beer (the drink is a flavored malt beverage) according to Circana, a company that tracks consumer habits. “Peach is something our fans have been asking for since the first day Simply Spiked was in market,” said Josh McDonald, senior marketing manager for Simply Spiked products. “Simply Spiked Peach has five percent real juice and is packed with deliciousness. We think people are going to love it, especially with peach flavor being so popular right now,” said McDonald. Enjoy a Simply Spiked Peach Lemonade at your nearest Troon® club or course after your next round.