On The Rocks
Troon Sips


Looking for a modern twist on the classic cocktail? Consider an OTR, or “On The Rocks,” an array of premium cocktails from Beam Suntory. Developed by mixologists with award-winning cocktail programs, OTR cocktails combine the company’s premium branded spirits with natural flavors and pure creativity, resulting in an upscale, ready-to-serve product. All you need to add is a glass and some ice. The lineup of OTR options includes the Cosmopolitan, made with EFFEN® Vodka and triple sec; the Margarita, featuring Hornitos Tequila and triple sec; the Jalapeno Pineapple Margarita, with Tres Generaciones® Plata Tequila, triple sec liqueur and pineapple flavor; and the Old Fashioned, crafted with Knob Creek Bourbon Whiskey and Bitters. There’s also the Espresso Martini with rich espresso coffee liqueur and EFFEN® Vodka; the Aviation featuring Larios®, a lighter-tasting juniper and citrus gin; a Mai Tai, made with authentic flavors of orgeat, coconut, pineapple and orange, as well as a custom blend of Cruzan® Light and Dark rums; and the Classic Daiquiri, featuring a custom blend of dark and light Cruzan® rums and brightness of lime. Enjoy an OTR Cocktail at your nearest Troon® club or course after your next round.