Player Development Month


May is Player Development Month at Troon-affiliated facilities and Troon Golf Academies around the world. Throughout the month, clubs and courses are increasing golf instruction and lesson opportunities for all levels of players including hosting golf clinics, lessons, and golf schools, plus engaging golfers through a fun Troon Putting Challenge and more. Troon created Player Development Month 11 years ago as a way of introducing beginners to the game in a fun and educational setting, while also creating opportunities for existing players to improve.

Golf clinics vary by facility and range from free to $50 for adults, and free for juniors 17 years of age and younger. Instructional videos as well as a complete list of May Player Development golf clinics and activities are available at www.troon.com/player-development.

In addition to lessons, clinics, and golf schools, Troon offers Troon Coach, a full-service online platform where golfers can find local golf coaches, trainers, and instructional events; book and pay for lessons; and track and analyze practice sessions. Golfers can learn more by clicking here.

As part of Troon Player Development Month and in an effort to encourage more putting practice, the Troon Putting Challenge will give participants the opportunity to match their putting skills against participants around the globe. The Troon Putting Challenge includes 10 total putts (three 3-foot putts, two 6-foot putts, two 10-foot putts, two 15-foot putts and one 30-foot putt) and is scored 10 points for a hole out, 5 points within 3-foot circle, and 1 point within 6-foot circle. The adult and junior participants who complete the Challenge (while tagging @Troon) with the highest amount of putting points throughout the month of May will each receive a $250 gift card from Callaway.

For more information on Troon Player Development Month and a full list of clinics,
visit www.troon.com/player-development.

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